• Proceeds will be used for the Howells Opera House Ceiling/Truss Restoration/Preservation Project.  208 677-ARTS/2787.

Oakley City Park Stage

  • ~Oakley Pioneer Days~
  • July 15, 16, 18, 21 [7:30PM]  -Bring Your Own Chair-
  • (Saturday) July 23 [2:00PM]  -Chairs Provided -Only For This Performance
  • Tickets $10.00


directed by Brenda Pierce

Beatrice’s Boarding House is in the fair-to-middlin’ town of Goodale. Beatrice, the young, beautiful (but somewhat longwinded) owner is in distress.  If business doesn’t pick up soon, the honorable establishment will have to close its doors forever.  If our poor heroine loses her abode, she and her closest friends will find themselves on the town’s streets.  Luther Swett, the cad, not only wants the boarding house, but has his eyes on the beautiful Beatrice.  Can the ugliest hero in the history of melodrama save the day?  And will the changing of the boarding house to a hilarious ’Broadway and Brunch’ solve all problems?  Throw in a mild-mannered mortician and a cranky boarder who needs a hearing aid and you have a light snow!  (Or did we say a nice show?!)


directed by John Paskett

Three elderly women meet at a lunch table on their first day in a home for senior citizens.  A candle placed there by the matron awakens different memories in each.  To the frivolous, friendly ex-actress Maribeth Garrity, candles belong with champagne and flowers.  To Miss Tolliver, a children’s nursemaid, they speak of childhood poverty when candles gave the only light.  To the aristocratic Mrs. Bramson, they mean the formal meals which only emphasized the emptiness of her life.  The lunchtime conversation reveals some surprising aspects of the lives and personalities of the three women, and culminates in a friendship and an affirmative decision.  Sensitively drawn characters, gentle humor, and a generous dash of truth.